Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some Projects

Last week when it was eighty degrees, I bought flannel on sale to make a skirt. My sister asked me, aren't you so excited about a flannel skirt today? Not really! But I figured it had to get cold some time. Today it hasn't gotten over about twenty nine, and my flannel skirt feels great! This is my first try with the pattern, and it turned out a little large, but I love the style!

Gores and godets make it fitted around the waist, but very full by the time you get down to the hem.

Another project I finished is a stocking cap.

I found the pattern here through Knitting Pattern Central. I really like the cables. This pattern is fun and challenging. Working with double pointed needles and a cable needle takes some juggling.

My next knitting project is mittens. My sister has used this pattern and they turned out beautifully. I am excited about making some myself.


sarahdodson said...

How pretty! I love that pic of the whole outfit together- very nice:)

Karla said...

Hello! Thank you for the crust recipe for pizza. I appreciate it! I absolutely love your blog. I am glad to see another stay at home daughter. It is a blessing! Feel free to keep stopping by!

PocketsoftheFuture said...

Your skirt is so pretty. What pattern did you use?


A Garden Girl said...

The pattern is Simplicity 4188. We bought it about a year ago, so I'm not sure if you'll still be able to find the exact same one. ~Emily

Lura said...

The skirt and hat are both beautiful!

A Garden Girl said...

Thank you, Lura!