Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A New Blog

To be in keeping with my new life, I have started a new blog! From now on I will be blogging at Feathering The Nest. Please come by and leave me a comment.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Jonathan and Emily July 4 2009

All my life I've been wondering if this moment would come

Getting ready

Wondering if I'd go through life all alone

Waiting for his bride

So I asked God above me who has mercy so free

Entrance of bride

In His goodness would He give someone to me

Giving away of bride

As my days turned to seasons, and the seasons to years

Pastor's message

No sign did I see that my prayer He'd hear

My sister, Alison and a dear friend, Rachel, singing Someone

But my Father in heaven knows just what's best to be

Jonathan saying his vow. Jonathan's Father prayed after he said his vow, and my Father prayed after I said mine.

And in His way, on His day, He sent to me

Me saying my vow.

Someone to hold me when the nights are so long

With this ring I thee wed...

Someone beside me to help me go on
First kiss

Someone to love me and to give my heart to

Mr. and Mrs.!

I asked for someone, God gave me you!