Friday, November 7, 2008

Our family has moved several times in the past few years and I want to share an idea we have learned that helps make it a little simpler. A few days before you leave, pack a bag with enough clothes for several days, toothbrush, and any other personal items you need. That way if it takes you a few days to find everything, you at least have clean clothes and your toothbrush. If you think you'll be getting to your new home late that first night, try to put your pillows and enough blankets for a pallet where you can find them easily.
We moved to Oklahoma for a few months and when moving there, we were really thankful for our little bags. All of our dressers and hang-up clothes were on a trailer that Dad was planning to pull behind the U-haul moving truck. Well at the last minute, literally, he discovered that U-hail now uses a new type of trailer hitch, and the ball on our old trailer didn't fit! So we left the trailer behind and went to OK with just our bags. We had to do laundry every other day until Dad and I made a trip back down for the trailer, but we were so glad for a change of clothes. When we moved back down here, I was not going to get caught short again; Just in case something happened, I packed as many clothes as I could fit in my bag! We got here with all our belongings, but I was prepared.


Lynn said...

I am glad you all made it safe to TX. Tell everyone hi. We miss you here in OK.

Ante Family Agrarians said...

We're so glad y'all made it back safely. It's great to have you back for some time!
Peace, Kris

sarahdodson said...

Emily! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Yay:) I just recently found out that y'all moved back. Welcome back to TX!!So happy you have a BLOG:)