Friday, June 5, 2009

Fried Grits

Have you ever heard of fried grits? I have heard of them since I was a child, in the books I loved to read about pioneers and frontiers people. But I never tried it until just recently. I was just trying it for an experiment, but guess what? It was actually good! It is the only way I know of to use leftover grits, so it's a frugal recipe as well. I guess that's why the pioneer people in my books ate them--they couldn't afford to let anything go to waste!

Take your leftover grits, while they are still warm and pack them into a square container. If you have a lot of grits, you could use a loaf pan, but we never have that many. Refrigerate grits until they have become solid. Take the container of grits and dump out the block of grits onto a plate. Slice off thick slices. In hot bacon grease or olive oil, fry until brown on one side, flip over, and fry on the other side. We like to eat it with maple syrup drizzled on top. It is also good with milk gravy. The other day we had leftover grits and gravy that we ate for lunch the next day. Yum!

I have heard of frying dollops of fresh grits instead of waiting for them to cool. I have also seen a recipe that said to mix the grits with a bit of beaten egg. Hillbilly Housewife has some fried grits recipes if you are interested. I tried frying leftover oatmeal the same way once. It was not as good as grits, but not too bad.

And on a side note, do you know what GRITS stands for?


Have fun! And check out Life As Mom for more frugal ideas.


Whitney said...

I am a GRIT, but I hate grits. I wonder if I'd like them fried.. Thanks for the tip!

Lynn said...

Italians do this same thing with polenta. Same basic idea since grits and polenta are same basic thing. However southern grits are not exactly the same as the Italian yellow corn grits/polenta. I prefer the italian ones actually, plus they are healthier and heartier.

sarahdodson said...

I'm sure it's quite good if you make it ;o) I'll have to try that sometime...

Leah said...

We have done the same thing with left over corn meal mush. We haven't had it that way though in a long time but when we would make it we would usually drizzle maple syrup over it too.:)

Heather said...

I might have to try this one. I'm the only one who eats grits in this household, but I will store this recipe for later!